New Website Launched

All information now via


Running Order

Pictures of Tickets

We’ve put up pictures of the tickets. Have a look at the tickets section to check them out.

Next Interview

Today we’ll be interviewed by Rico Slowlife. Check at 6 pm.

Tickets are ordered

Yesterday we ordered the tickets. They will be printed tomorrow. So hopefully we’ve the first one to sell at the upcoming Warm Up Show on Saturday. Ask for them at the entry.

Cheers, see you there, and SPREAD THE DOOM!

Doom over Leipzig the World

Doom over Leipzig Festival’s screening of the movie „Blood, Sweat + Vinyl: DIY in the 21st Century“ is now listed in the screenings section on the official „Blood, Sweat + Vinyl“ website.

Also many thanks to Scott „Wino“ Weinrich for listing us in the tours section on his official website.

We’re also featured on Thank you for your words and for spreading the doom, Mathias.

Thank you so much guys. We’re very proud of it.

RadioBlau Interview

We’re going to be interviewed by Jens / Persona non Grata of RadioBlau. The interview will be in German. We’ll be talking about the festival, the participating bands, the screening, the Warm Up Shows, and so on. There will also be played several songs of the participating bands. So, if you don’t know them yet, tune in!

When? 10 FEB 12, 09:00 – 11:00 pm.

How? Via

Or via radio at UKW 99.2 MHz, and 94.4 MHz & 89.2 MHz (Karte), and 97.9 MHz (Kabel).