Doom over Leipzig Festival 2010

12 NOV 2010 || Friday

· Omega Massif
The German instrumental Post-Metal collosus is back in L.E. – Really heavy, truely emotional.

· Heirs
Surfing the cold industry – Promethean progressive madness from Australia.

· Kodiak
That is how a colliding asteriods at the Tannhauser gate would sound like – A nihilistic non-tempo experience.

· Khuda
Mathematic Genius plus looped Psychedelica equals true beauty – One of the most exciting two piece rock bands on earth.

· Bad Luck Rides On Wheels
A monolith of intense Death Metal and Sludge.

· Terzij de Horde
An insane Black Metal, Screamo, Hardcore, Punk hurricane that is sucking your souls dry.

20 NOV 2010 || Saturday
UT Connewitz
Wolfgang-Heinze-Straße 12A
04277 Leipzig

An ultra-megaton Doom / Noise / Sludge outfit that has been ploughing through the European landscapes.

· Rorcal
Doom / Drone warfare – Slow and heavy like an elephant which is crushing everything under his feet.

· Rotor
The legendary instrumental Stoner-Rock three piece from Berlin – A deadly mix of pot and gasoline.

Dark and hypnotically rolling Post-Metal which is seriously damaging brain waves – Caution!

· An Emerald City
New Zealand’s most wanted band – A melting pot of Oriental and Krautrock influences, tible beats, crying violins and distorted guitars.

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