„Sometimes it feels like a war for your soul; but you have to do these things for your soul, and if you didn’t, your soul is what would pay.“Steve Von Till

Why Doom over Leipzig?

It arose entirely out of a love of underground music and in homage to the scene in which we move. Over the last several years, music has shifted a very long way in the direction of experimentation, especially in alternative music. Bands and acts are increasingly trying out new ways, and styles are combining that you would never have expected to hear together. Sometimes political and personal aspects get thrown out in this process and types of music have found their way into the punk/hardcore scene which have never really been there before.
One example is black metal, which thrived in the early 90s and has until now gained a negative, misanthropic and nationalistic image. Since the emergence of bands like Wolves in the Throne Room from the USA, and of many other acts in this field, this image has been cleaned up and incorporated into bands‘ creative phases.

And that is where the basic idea of Doom over Leipzig comes in.

Bringing together bands and artists from experimental / doom and presenting them to a larger audience. Not only do the live acts play a part in this, we also want to provide the right setting and atmosphere.


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